Connecting Math Concepts

Connecting Math Concepts is the mathematics program used for all K-6 mathematics instruction. 

Connecting Math Concepts introduces ideas gradually and teaches students the connections between concepts. Focusing on the big ideas of mathematics, Connecting Math Concepts teaches explicit strategies that enable students to master difficult ideas such as ratios, proportions, probability, functions, and data analysis. Detailed explanations and guided practice move students toward independent work, ensuring that students gain success and confidence as mathematical thinkers.

This highly successful program makes it easier than ever to teach students to become capable problem solvers, able to think and communicate mathematically. Through a unique pedagogical approach, Connecting Math Concepts provides a thorough understanding of basic skills, shows how mathematical concepts are linked together, and builds sophisticated problem-solving strategies. Within this program, the content of the problems enables students to make real-life connections, expanding their knowledge and keeping students actively engaged. This strengthens their awareness of the world around them.

With Connecting Math Concepts, all concepts are learned and assimilated through use. New concepts are presented incrementally and extended into subsequent lessons. Students move forward in small steps, learning and applying many topics in each lesson. Students learn in less time, remember more, and develop a depth of understanding needed for advanced mathematics.

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